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UAE Business Plus is one of Dubai’s renowned companies. We have the opportunity to serve the Middle East for over 15 years and remain a top contender in various fields where our services extend.

Our vision is to provide the best solution to our target audience. For this reason, we have realised the best policies and services to keep our Travel and Tourism firm as the best choice for travellers who want to explore the various regions of the UAE.

Our commitment over the years has set us as the most trusted travel partners to have in the Emirate. We supply professional and friendly assistance to our users. When you book your journey with us, you do not feel like a stranger, you feel at home.

Our objectives allow us to cater for all our client's troublesome tasks. From securing plane tickets to holiday packages. We also offer several corporate and tailored services to make sure that our clients have the best option when touring the Middle East.



UAE Business Plus is the right tourist firm to work with if you wish to get the best touring experience.

From the Desert Safari of Dubai to the Musandam and more. We have an extensive option of activities you can select from to make your stay in the UAE region a pleasure-filled one. With our assistance you can enjoy the following:

  • Dhow Cruise Dinner,
  • Hatta Mountain Safari,
  • Dubai Desert Safari,
  • Deep Sea fishing,
  • Catamaran Cruise,
  • Hot Air Ballon drive,
  • Musandam Khasab,
  • Yacht Charter service,
  • Touring in Musandam Dibba
  • Scuba Driving services,
  • Touring the Dubai City and many more.


All our fun options remain thrilling and fitting for different groups of people. If you are a lover of art and beauty, there are several leisure alternatives to satisfy you. Dubai remains a city of wonder and splendour. The state-of-the-art facilities will fascinate you, and the complexity of the infrastructures will keep you spellbound.

Be you an adventure seeker; we have many fun activities to calm your nerves, both within the star city of the Emirates and beyond. 

To top it up, after a day of engaging leisure activities, you can treat yourself to one of the most memorable dinners in the world. The Dubai Creek has its way of making your meal more satisfying.

 Over the years we have been given the privilege to share in the memories of many tourist and fun seekers who enlist us as their partners in the journey,

Our couples and singles treat themselves to a romantic trip on the Dhou Cruise and never regret it. Even families spend their time on the sea enjoying the cruise or performing Deep sea diving.

Several corporate people have decided to make the cruise trip their perfect option for meetings and social gathering.

For those who love to have alone time on the water, our charter selection is always a delight. There are luxury yachts of various sizes to choose from.

Whatever interest you have, be assured that we deliver on our promise to give you the best environment and service options to make your stay in the UAE a pleasurable one.


Get in touch with us at +971 56 5888693 or Send any queries via email at [email protected]