PRO And Business Setup Services

PRO And Business Setup Services

PRO And Business Setup Services

UAE business plus growth depends upon our clients, we built our empire with our client support.

Business setup services:

In the UAE, each business operating under the coverage of the region must abide by the stipulated laws that apply to it. We at UAE Business Plus have existed in the emirate as a service provided across different cities and countries in the Middle East. With over 15 years of knowledge about the local laws, procedures, and guidelines, we have gained the right footing to provide the right startup solution, Visa and Pro services.
We can aid you in your search for a local partner, handle your Paralegal needs, Document Attestation, Virtual office, Visa options, and Real Estate requirements.

Business Start-up and Local Sponsor

Do you have a business idea you want to kick-start in Dubai or any other areas of the emirate? We will assist you. We know that it is laborious to get local partners who can help new establishment get to their dream targets. However, it is a must for startups that they team up with local sponsors. Hence, we have scouted and succeeded in building years of mutual relationship with committed local sponsors who we like to see your dream become fruitful. Through our assistance, your document can bear the accepted 51% shares local ownership rate

Document Clearance

Document clearance is another part of our pro business solutions. At UAE Business Plus, we are both committed and experience in assisting our clients through the process of any documentation. We will aid you and see to it that Attestation, Embassy, and Apostille document situations are rightly and seamlessly resolved.

Visa Services

Are you an investor, a family pondering on the idea of moving to the Emirates, an employee, or more? Do you need a fast and seamless method of Visa processing? Do you need a firm to help you out of your migration issues? Leave to us at UAE Business Plus. We assist UAE migrants and emigrants to handle all types of Visa evaluation.
Leave it to us to handle the situation. With over 15 years of experience crossing people in and out of our region, we are well grounded in knowing the process and building a reliable link. We will give you the best visa processing experience.

Paralegal Services

When drafting a legal document, it is essential that you highlight the terms and conditions correctly. You should also be selective about the words used to ensure they fit the interest of the agreement.
UAE Business Plus has an outstanding team of legal practitioners; people who know how to use words accurately to drive a clear point. Backed with over 15 years of success in this field, we are your best choice in handling your Shareholders Agreements, Legal Document and Certificate Translation, and Power of Attorney drafting.

Economic Department

Are you having hiccups or looking for an expert in the field who can provide a smooth registration process with a lower delay for your business start-up? Think UAE Business Plus.
We involve our team entirely in this area of business services. You will get total support from us in complying with the Department of Economic Development registration requirements.
In UAE there 2 types of licenses are there Mainland and Free zones.
Mainland: Opening a business of types Professional, commercial and industrial can be obtained with a local sponsor, local sponsor will be a Emirati national or Saudi National.
Professional license – For this, if the investor is an expatriate, they will get 100% ownership and sponsor will act as local service agent for helping the Labour card process.
Commercial -- For this, if the investor is an expatriate, they will get 49% of the share and sponsor will get 51% shares in the business and the local sponsor will be helping the Labour card process as well.
Industrial: Same as Commercial.

PRO and Visa Services:

UAE business plus provides an exceptional PRO services, we provide corporate services taking care of employee’s visas, dependents visas, family visas, maid visas as a contract. We provide annual and per services contract, we do all type of visas, license renewal, establishment card renewal, provide sponsors, office space for your business.

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