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UAE Business Plus is a firm that has remained at the forefront of legal consulting for over 15 years in Dubai and across. We have in our team, lawyers who are among the best in the field. These attorneys have at one point in their carrier began to win the hearts of the trust of the city and the hearts of their clients.
Due to the vastness of our experience and professionalism, the cities within our coverage have come to trust us to provide a category of legal services. We are on the move to dominate the market across the region of U.A.E without sacrificing the goal for securing the trust of our clients and partners.
So far, in Dubai, you can find our firm among the top law firms of the city. With the opportunity presented to us by our fifteen years of practice, UAE Business Plus has been able to create an excellent foundation in other towns of the Emirate, and stand as a legal aid firm you can trust.
At UAE Business Plus, our team of lawyers, under our professional management has handled a muckle of tough cases within the region. Also, through our assistance, many clients have seen a meaningful conclusion to the various legal issues challenging them.
It should also interest you to know that UAE Business Plus Consulting services is included in the few law firms that the ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality management. This authentication was given to only a few legal firms in the Middle East and GGC; an attestation UAE Plus worked hard to obtain through keeping our eyes on the goal.
Aside from the certification of how efficiently we operate, our firm is rooted in the Emirate, all of our employers have a deep comprehension of the local practices and law of the legal system of UAE. Hence, you can trust us to provide the best legal aid services there is.
Our doors are open to both local and international clients. With the many years of our operation, and the quality hands we have on our team, our foreign clients have always gotten the opportunity of getting the best result for their cases.
At UAE Business Plus Consulting services, our objectives and operation have always been to provide our clients the best business relation, legal representation and a relentless pursuit of justice.
We have a highly diverse team of professional, legal workers, Our attorneys and legal solicitors are from different nationalities, including Arab. The mark is to own legal representatives and consultants of the best international standard to make sure our clients are getting the best person to aid them in their legal battles.
Whatever issue you are facing, UAE Business Plus is here for you. We are equipped with the knowledge and practice of the various field of commercial and corporate law. We can give you all the aid you need in family law, business law, property and real-estate law, criminal law, labour law, and immigration law.

Get in touch with us at +971 56 5888693 or Send any queries via email at [email protected]