IT & Hardware Services



At UAE Business Plus, having over 15 years of experience in the field of hardware and IT services ensures that we have the best hands on the desk to provide our IT clients whatever they need.

We can offer you a vast collection of IT business solutions. We know that it is essential to make sure that the infrastructure of our clients’ IT setup is up to standard, without errors. That is why, over the years, we have ventured further into the field of computer hardware and software solutions. This has given us the vast knowledge needed to conduct proper auditing of customers IT structure.

We have an Exploratory IT network that has over 15 years to its name. The establishment has aided us in our goal of providing Dubai and the rest of the Emirate, an exceptional risk management solution. Hence, through our assistance, our clients can identify critical issues plaguing their IT setup. Also, we have succeeded in implementing and recommending necessary steps to make sure that these businesses suffer a relatively low risk of downtime,

Part of our goal as an IT and Hardware solution provider is to encourage efficient intercommunication between our clients and their target market. Hence, we are ready to aid them in whatever way to make that possible. We know that for effective communication to occur in a business office, most times, phone and data wiring comes to play.

The challenges of having a reliable and fast network face firms during the moment of mounting their IT equipment. At UAE, we try to ensure that the best cabling structure is adopted during phone mounting, data, and internet connection to ensure that our clients suffer no hitch in communication.

Added to identifying the best structure to use based on the size of the business and the physical structure of its offices, we employ the use of top quality Cat6 Optic Fibre cables for the wiring of phones, data and internet services.

UAE Business Plus has built its way up to the top as one of the best IT solution companies across various cities of the Emirate. Our team of professional IT personnel is always available to give a helping hand needed for the transfer of IT structures and smart office relocation.

Our IT customers have come to trust us to provide a rapid, convenient, and risk-free transfer of their IT office equipment. As we grew to become a big name in Dubai, we quickly understood that downtime is a problematic issue that Smart Businesses face during translocation. Hence, we continue to explore the different methods of minimising this occurrence to a point where it can no longer be an issue

When it comes to IT support provision, UAE plus is here to lend a helping hand. We understand that those people who are in need of IT Support are looking for professional hands to deliver a high-quality solution.

Our team of experts are not only vast-knowledgeable and practiced in what they do, but they are also cordial and good listeners. It is our goal to give our customers the idea that we listen and understand their needs while providing unequalled IT solution services.


A list of our services include:

  • IT structure AUDITING
  • Phone Mounting and cabling services
  • IT structures and Smart office relocation
  • IT Support
  • IT project management
  • Business Email Systems
  • Remote Business Application and Data Solution, and much more

A list of our services include:

We can install laptops/desktops, local networks and wireless networks (Wi-Fi), IP Phones, CCTV systems, secure access systems, servers, server rack

Get in touch with us at +971 56 5888693 or Send any queries via email at [email protected]



Networking Solutions

·  Structure Cabling

·  Raise flooring and FM200 for datacenter

·  Data / Voice Networking (Active & Passive)

·  Managed Or Unmanaged LAN Network

Wireless Solution

·  Data/voice – Wireless

·  Managed or Unmanaged WLAN Network

·  Point to point outdoor wireless connectivity

Telephone System

·  Digital IP Telephone System

·  Smart IP Telephone System

·  Voice connectivity between branches

·  IVR/Welcome message/ Call Recording and monitoring etc.

·  Call center solutions

Firewall for Data Security

·  Internet Gateway Antivirus

·  VPN connectivity – Branch Connectivity

·  Bandwidth control

·  Content Filtering (Block Websites / Social Networking)

Security Solution

·  Door Access Control System

·  Time & Attendance Solution

·  Analog / IP CCTV Camera Solution

·  PA system and Speakers

·  Digital Signage

Conference & Meeting Room Setup

·  Basic Projector & White Board

·  Interactive Projector & White Board (Fixed one)

·  Smart LED TV with HDMI Cables for projection

·  Audio System integrated with TV & Projector

·  IP Video Conferencing


Email Solution

·  Microsoft Exchange Solution

·  Hosted Microsoft Exchange Solution

·  Hosted Email Solution

Cloud Computing

·  Hosting of Application & Database

·  Hosting of File Server

·  Hosted email solution

Server Setup – In House

·  Physical & virtual environment using Hyper-V and VMware

·  Application Server/ Database Server/ File Server

·  Email Server / Website Server

·  CRM Server / Antivirus Server

·  Backup Server

·  Power backup Solution with Smart Alerts

Backup Solution

·  Backup Software for servers & computers

·  Backup Hardware for servers & computers

IT Computing

·  IT Hardware like computers, laptops, Workstations, printers, copiers, Plotters, the point of sales, Scanners etc.

·  IT Software’s likes Microsoft license, Antivirus, Adobe and Adobe suits, 3DMax etc.

IT Shitting

·  Relocation of all IT equipment’s including racks, servers, computers, printer, IT devices in Meeting room devices to new location.

·  Cubezix will provide same setup as it is in old location.

Post project Support

·  On project completion24x7x365 onsite and remote support.

·  Comprehensive and Non comprehensive support contracts

·  Dedicated and part time IT manpower placement.