Homeowners and builders battle the same issues regarding bringing a perfect balance between stability and comfortability. They try to ensure that the accommodations they build are up to modern standards and that they can withstand stress and shocks.
The reason behind the shocks and stress a house passes through lies between several factors. As an experienced consulting company for over 15 years, UAE Business Plus knows that the climate condition, the outbreak of maladies, the uncalculated growth of population, and the aging of the building can lead to the fall of such edifices.
For this reason, we have gone the extra mile to gain the needed knowledge to proffer a solution. We know that considering all the factors that challenge our today buildings can bring up a solution to help save lives and promote the quality of our clients’ construction.
Through us, you get a solution that incorporates innovative ideas and integrated methods. The result is a city filled with houses and industrial buildings that are formed to withstand the effect of climate condition and other detrimental factors.
Over our 15 years of practice, we have led developers and homeowners to create edifices that are still standing at full strength. Our consulting reach goes beyond Dubai; we offer a helping hand to builders across the country
It is the goal of UAE Business Plus to realize in the cities of the emirate and beyond, houses and industrial buildings that are strong and long-lasting. The type that can handle the weight of a rapidly growing community and withstand other challenges that come its way.
So far, we are beginning to see the fruits of our labour both in Dubai and across. We hope to continue the advancement the quality of our buildings, today. Due to our dedication, UAE Business Plus continues to take the lead in conducting researches toward architectural advancements. Our interest in structural improvement is not limited to what we can find in the emirates.
Our company works hand in hand with other architectural establishment looking for the advancement of infrastructure, outside the region. We keep a global network coverage in various cities across the world, all to present the best solutions for our constructors and developers.
Through our partnership and objectives, UAE has succeeded to encourage the efforts of cities in gaining the means of producing edifices with the extensive, firm, and flexible pattern. Hence, ensuring the security of occupants and a decrease in owners losses.


Whatever structural needs you might have as a developer, at UAE Business Plus we have the most extensive and effective solution in the following areas:

  • Design Development
  • Modern Engineering designs
  • Architectural Design
  • Master Planning
  • The architect of Record Services
  • Project Supervision Services
  • Interior Design
  • Lead Consultancy


As an architectural engineer, or building planner, whatever you might need from strategic plans for your structural engineering to others, we have all you need to realize the best building out there. Our goal is not only to provide the required assistance but to see a city, home or industrial building that can stand the sand of times.

  • Structural Engineering
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Engineer of Record Services
  • Project Supervision – Engineering Services
  • Third Party Peer Review
  • Value Engineering


UAE Business Plus remains a firm with a team of expert developers; we can provide our clients whatever services they need in the following areas:

  • Development Management Services
  • Project Feasibility Studies'
  • Development Advisory Services
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