Celebrity service Dubai

Celebrity Service Dubai

UAE Business Plus Celebrity Service

Welcome to UAE Business plus, an exceptional world recognized brand with over 15 years of unbeatable services, rooted in the UAE.
As a firm that continues to deliver quality and satisfaction to the needs of our clients, we are proud to present to you our extensive resource for your personal online research service.
We know how highly esteemed and booked celebrities are, and we understand how pressing it could be for you to want to have your favorite public figure starring in your big event.
We also understand that aside from that, the need of knowing them on a personal level could linger in your mind. More so, wanting to have an accurate update on the events surrounding their existence and performance.
For this reason, at UAE Business plus Celebrity Service (UBPCS), we provide our subscribers with 24/7 access to our extensive and most accurate celebrity database in the world. We also, provide an unbeatable celebrity service package, to allow you to invite the right star for your event and give it the boost it requires.
With us, as a subscriber, you can get all available contact information of your desired celebrity. You can also book to have them show for your marriage, business openings, functions and a whole lot more in a few clicks.
Here is your chance as a client to witness musician, artist, athlete, actors, authors, politicians, and all other public figures at your special event or gain the necessary information you need about them to connect and know their next big show!

Our Services

Celebrity News

Don’t you like to know if your favorite celebrity is coming to your town? When they are coming? And why they are coming? We know how crazy that reveal is.
For this reason, we provide subscribers with the full details of any public figure coming to their town and how to contact them.
With us, you will not have to miss out on any important event as we continue to provide daily celeb updates.

Membership Access

As an esteemed visitor of our web services, you have limits to what information you can access and how much of that information you obtain.
But as one of our subscribers, you have an extensive range of access. That becomes limitless when you go VIP with us.
Backed by a web of credible sources, UAE Business plus provides you the availability, relationships, causes, credits, upcoming projects, personal profiles, contact, hobbies, skills, and representation of public figures and more.

Special Function Projects

Do you want to show the world that you belong? Want to have your next big function filled with top stars and spread like wildfire across various online communities and network?
UAE Business Plus is here to make that happen for you. Let us know, and we would bring to your doorstep all that and more industry insiders to give you an unbeatable experience.

Marriage plans

It is a beautiful, exceptional, and special day for you and your partner, and it would be a dream come through if she or he could witness their most favorite star show in their big event. Why not make that dream come through with UAE Business Plus?
With one call, we could help you make contact and book your favorite public figure for your special event and have them show up!

Business Openings and Events

So, you have got some new big wave business that you had like to see some public figures show up to give the impact a boost. We have got you.
Make your choice, from star actors to politicians and big public figures and activists, we have got all you need to make this party rock. Give us a call today.

Celebrity Date Plan

Don’t wait until it leaks to the media, gain firsthand knowledge of whatever stunning event and projects your favorite celeb is planning.


Are you one of those who enjoys attending theater, movie, and musical festivals? While not know who is visiting, which, and when alongside their contact information and all you need to know about the top exclusive events while at it?
UAE Business Plus has and will provide you with access to this crucial knowledge so that when next time you attend you could hook up with the likes of your favorite celebrities

Get in touch with us at +971 56 5888693 or Send any queries via email at [email protected]