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Bank account opening, credit cards and loan services for corporates and individuals

UAE Business Plus is a renowned conglomerate. We have been in the business and financial industry of the UAE economy for over 15 years. all these whiles, we have maintained excellence through flexibility tailored services, speed, and competent team of staff. Whatever you need for your financial satisfaction, we have you covered.

Opening an UAE Bank Account

The Banking sector of the Emirate has remained fruitful and praised because of the excellent banking system the government and the firms within the region have worked together to create. Our customer services are high among other banking systems in the world. More so, you can research to find out that our firm is not on the blacklist. For these reasons, we see lots of foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals come to our doorstep to create an account.
At UAE Business Plus, we remain committed to supplying our clients with all the solutions they need in regard to opening and maintaining their bank accounts.

Personal Banking

UAE Business Plus can have you get an operative account in a short time frame. We understand that most individuals are time cautious. Hence, we have adjusted our mode of operation to develop a fast and seamless method of sticking to the mandate and the needs of our customers. Basically, what you need to get your account started are the following: your visa or your entry stamp, your passport― if you are the account holder, previous or current bank recommendation, and your utility bill or equivalent document bearing your residential address

Corporate Banking

As a business owner, it is mandatory that you own an operative bank account in the UAE. This requirement allows you to continue your business dream within the region―offshore and onshore. Without a local bank account, you cannot create a firm in the Emirate. For this reason. We at UAE Business Plus have continued efforts in our attempt to make sure the requirements and process of getting both an offshore and onshore business account are quick and convenient for both parties.
We pride ourselves as one of the few financial institutions in Dubai and across the UAE who can offer both offshore and inland banking option to business clients. Our requirements are mainly the following: passport for the account holder, statutory document, your reference letter from your shareholders’ bank, your Visa or entry stamp, and a six-month bank statement of your company’s shareholders

Credit Loan for Individual

Get the best straightforward loan services in all of Dubai and other parts of the Emirate from us. It is no longer necessary that you transfer your salary during the process. Now, all you need to do to get started is to follow our short and quick steps to get what you need.
Some of the benefits we are introducing you to are: approval and loan funding in one day; eight times your salary fund release without salary request; a payback tenure that starts from half a year to more than two years.

Loans and Credit card for Corporate

Times come when businesses need some where they can obtain emergency cash from to run cost and operation. In those moments, think UAE Business Plus. We have a policy that favours start-ups and big brands in maximising the value of their credit limits. In a matter of few clicks or a call, you can transform your available card limit to get the funds you are looking for from us. The process is that straightforward.

Please note: We provide details about the banks and guidelines. We are not related to any banking or financial institutions.

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