Aircraft and Yacht services



Aircraft Purchase

Are you looking to buy or purchase an aircraft for your next business or leisure trip within or outside the Middle East? UAE Business plus got you covered. We over to our clients a combined knowledge of our aircraft dealings over the years and our aviation experience across the world to help our esteemed customers identify, acquire, evaluate, and sell any private aircraft they have in mind.

Get your perfect aircraft from on-market and off-market dealings:

  • Light size jets
  • Midsize jets
  • Large size jets
  • Boeing business jets
  • And Passenger configured Boeing jets.

When you make your purchase with us, you can be sure of a smooth, quick, and transparent transaction.

Private Jets Leasing

If you are one of our valued customers who intend to make quick flight travels frequently, then to keep the cost low, avoid the investment risks, and get an effective travel option, UAE Business Plus is here for you.

We provide the following leasing solutions:

  • Wet Leasing
  • Dry leasing


One of the intriguing and satisfying parts of visiting the rapidly developing city in the emirate is its Yacht charter services. Here at UAE Business Plus, we make the process so simple and effective. That way we can lead our clients into touring the vast and exotic water bodies we have here. Our yacht charter services include:

  • Motor yachts
  • Gulet charter
  • Sailing yacht
  • And other luxury yachts charter Dubai options.

Yacht Selling

Here is your chance to get a watercraft built of superior and tech advanced materials. Our yacht for sale services covers the purchase of new and pre-owned watercraft. These things of beauty have already been certified for safety and superior performance and ability. Each one of them have Iloyds, rina, and mca certifications, which are what you will be asked for when ensuring your newly purchased product.

We have made the purchase process very easy from our website and fast too. So far, we completed deals from various clients across the globe and maintained a five-star client relationship and experience.

Get in touch with us at +971 56 5888693 or Send any queries via email at [email protected]