Hello! We are UAE Business Plus

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UAE Business plus is a renown conglomerate that has walked its way to the top in the various fields that affect it for the past 15 years. Based in the Emirate, we are fully committed to providing Real-estate marketing, property purchase, construction and engineering consulting, tourism and many more to those who need these services.

During these seasons we have crafted our path to the top as a leading organization in the various spheres of business we are involved in. We know how essential it is for home buyers and business owners to get the right spot to call their own. Hence, we fish out the best properties here in Dubai based on location and quality.

We have grown from one business and we have more than 18 business in our Group and we are still growing like our business name, so far, this company is proud to have sealed a lot of mutually satisfying deals with several clients who aim to find a place they can call, service satisfied.

Our Mission

When our organisation first came to light, the goal was to create a firm that buyers, sellers, and travellers can trust. Over the years this objective has incorporated investors and stakeholders.

Our Vision

Based on our principle, commitment, and eye to locate the best living environment and buildings for buyers, we are known by lots of people as a real estate firm that is worth trusting for top quality and professionalism.